Hummus contains no saturated fat

Stuff pita shells with hummus, add a little lettuce and create a tasty alternative to the normal peanut butter and jelly. Secondly, in my dream, my child was small again and to my surprise was asking for hummus.I had a dream last night where I was planning our dinner for the night. You can also use it to spread on a sandwich for a healthy and really tasty alternative to mayonnaise. Being frugal, I was also astounded at how cheap this versatile dip can be! You can make your own hummus by soaking dried chickpeas overnight and then simmering them for about an hour. The possibilities are endless! I need to have more dreams like this one. You may also add some of the chickpea broth until you have the desired "dip-like" consistency. What is hummus? It spurred me to do a little research on the subject and it all started with a simple definition. First off, it was sad that I was dreaming about planning dinner. It is also much better for you than any of the dips or spreads made with a lot of melted cheese.

We may be having hummus for dinner tonight after all. It is a perfect food for anyone who is Auto Brake Hose Suppliers concerned about eating well and who is on a low cholesterol, low fat diet and doesn't want to sacrifice flavor. Create an Italian hummus by adding fresh basil and chopped tomatoes.. After "Googling" the word hummus (also spelled houmous, hommus, or humus), I have found that hummus is one of the most popular foods to emerge from the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern regions of the world. Make a spicy hummus by adding chopped jalapenos and serve with chopped taco shells.

After they are cooked, you grind them in a food processor or hand mixer with a little olive oil and lemon juice. Add garlic, salt, parsley, onion, cumin, or chili powder to taste. Hummus is a healthy alternative to those dairy based dips and spreads like your traditional onion soup dip. You can use hummus as a dip for vegetables, tortilla chips or flatbread making this an incredibly versatile staple! Hummus is also extremely rich in protein, fiber and iron which makes it a true vegetarian's dream. It is an exotic blend of pureed chickpeas mixed with lemon, sesame tahini, olive oil and spices with added flavors such as roasted garlic, roasted red peppers, paprika, scallion and sometimes even dill. Hummus contains no saturated fat, no cholesterol or sugar and is high in protein and fiber. It is a staple of the Middle Eastern diet but has gained much popularity with westerners now that we are becoming more conscious about what foods we eat and are moving more toward foods served in the Mediterranean region. Unlike many foods which are proported at "good for you", hummus actually tastes good. It is used as a dip with Pita bread, crackers or with fresh cut vegetables.

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